How Do I Volunteer?

Volunteers are an essential part of the PTO’s success! The PTO truly appreciate any amount of help that you can can provide.

Volunteers Needed
Walking Club – December
Movie Nights (11/13, 1/8, 2/19)
Book Fairs (various dates)
Family Fun Night (1/22/16)
Read-A-Thon (various dates)
Ice Cream Social (2/11/16)
Kindergarten Registration Help (3/4/16)
PSSAs (various dates)
Teacher Appreciation Week (5/2-5/6/16)
Field Day Snacks (various dates)
Shoe Recycling (various dates)
5th Grade Events (various dates)

What is a “Classroom Coordinator”?

A “Classroom Coordinator” is a parent volunteer who assists the classroom teacher by organizing a list of parent volunteers for events within the teacher’s classroom.  Events such as field trips, classroom projects, baking needs, school-wide events & more.

This year we have selected Jan Yellets as the Classroom Coordinator for the entire school. Ingrid will handle all of the requests as requested by teachers at Kernsville Elementary.

If you have questions, please email

If you have questions that pertain to donating items or helping during a classroom event, please email