We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about ideas, questions or whatever!

The best way to reach us is through the following email addresses:

President – Ingrid Martz –
Treasurer – Amy Benninger (interim)
VP of Assemblies – Nicole Miles –
VP of Assemblies – Amy Barnett –
VP of Communications – Jennifer Korman –
VP of Fundraising – Amber Kerschner –
Spiritwear – TBD – 

Classroom Coordinator – Jan Yellets –


We are on Facebook too!  Please “like” our Facebook Page.

3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Good morning,
    My name is Misty Petersen, my son is Landon Louks, he is in Mrs. Gohmans class.
    I sent a check in the amount of $80 for the Save Around Books and only received 2. I do still have the 1 at home but should have 4 total. Mrs. Gohamn sent the 2 books back to the office hoping someone would take care of this early this week and now I STILL need 3 books. I have people asking where their books are. Could you please be sure to send 3 books or the check home with Landon TODAY.
    Thank you,
    Misty Petersen


    • Good Morning, Misty,
      I have emailed the chairs who handle the coupon books for the status of your books.
      I have asked them to call you as soon as they can.

      Please note that we do our best to fulfill all requests in a timely manner. However, we are generally only at school once a week.
      If you have further questions, please feel free to email me at
      Thank you!
      Amy Benninger


    • Misty,
      We tried to call you several times and it says your number is not in service.
      The correct number of books have been sent home to you today.
      Amy Benninger


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